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Later that day rosalind makes an offer to buy the

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Unformatted text preview: horse to Rosalind while out riding one day. Later that day, Rosalind makes an offer to buy the horse. Brian accepts without correcting his earlier misrepresentation of fact. a. Brian may avoid the contract. b. Rosalind may avoid the contract. c. Either or both Brian or Rosalind may avoid the contract. d. Neither Brian nor Rosalind may avoid the contract. 173. Cara offered to pay Peter to paint a house located at 103 Canton Street, and he accepted. However, Peter incorrectly wrote down the address as 108 Canton Street. As a result, he painted a. b. c. d. the wrong house. Fred Fibs, the owner of 108 Canton Street, say Peter painting his house but said nothing. When the job was completed, Peter tried to collect the contract price. He will be able to recover from Cara under the theory of unilateral contract. Fibs under the theory of quasi-contract. Neither Cara nor Fibs because of his unilateral mistake. Neither Cara nor Fibs because of lack of consideration. 174. Carl Contractor and Ron Roadbuilder ar...
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