Contract Questions

Lavinia refrained and brought suit when lydia failed

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Unformatted text preview: t the civic center is best described as a: a. valid contract. b. voidable contract. c. void contract. d. quasi contract. 311. Legal sufficiency of consideration and adequacy of consideration are virtually synonymous terms. a. True b. False 312. Lydia promised to pay Lavinia $10,000 if she refrained from smoking for 1 year. Lavinia refrained and brought suit when Lydia failed to pay. Who will win? a. Lydia will win because she received no actual benefit. b. Lydia will win because Lavinia incurred no actual detriment. c. Lydia will win because Lavinia incurred no legal detriment. d. Lavinia will win because Lydia received a legal benefit. 313. Lynn offers to sell his house to Dennis for $50,000. Dennis responds, “I will pay you $50,000 if you will paint the second floor.” This response could best be described as: a. an acceptance. b. a counteroffer. c. a rejection. d. an invitation. 314. M, a minor, contracted with A, an adult. The contract has been fully performed by both. M reaches majority plus 3 months. a. The contract is ratified because of a failure to disaffirm wit...
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