Contract Questions

Many local residents come in and make purchases

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Unformatted text preview: of the above, b and c. 234. Harper is opening a small retailing business in Hometown, U.S.A. To announce her grand opening, Harper places an advertisement in the newspaper quoting sales prices on certain items in stock. Many local residents come in and make purchases. Harper’s grand opening is such a huge success that she is unable to totally satisfy the demand of the customers. Which of the following correctly applies to the situation? a. Harper has made an offer to the people reading the advertisement. b. Harper has made a contract with the people reading the advertisement. c. Harper has made an invitation seeking offers. d. Any customer who demands the goods advertised and tenders the money is entitled to them. 235. Harris wrote Douglas a letter which might be construed alternatively as an offer to sell land, an invitation to commence negotiations, or merely an invitation to Douglas to make an offer. Douglas claims that the communication was a bona fide offer which he has unequivocally accepted according to the terms set forth there...
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