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Marilyn began swimming she has reached lap number 460

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Unformatted text preview: y additional consideration on the part of Bravo Builders. d. This is the settlement of a disputed debt that requires no additional consideration on the part of Bravo Builders. 317. Marilyn heard an announcement made at her school offering a thousand dollar swimming scholarship to anyone who could swim 500 laps in the school pool. Marilyn began swimming. She has reached lap number 460; she feels great and is sure she can make it all the way. a. The advertiser may revoke the offer since there has not yet been an acceptance. b. The advertiser may not revoke the offer since Marilyn has already accepted it. c. The advertiser must permit Marilyn the opportunity to finish her attempt to swim the 500 laps. d. The advertiser must pay Marilyn $920, because she has performed 92% of the offer. 318. Mark paid off his brother Steve’s debt to the loan shark on condition that Steve wouldn’t get a pair of cement shoes for Christmas. The loan shark says that he doesn’t have to honor that promise because Steve didn’t pay....
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