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Mary agrees to sew georgias prom dress for 50 plus

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Unformatted text preview: d bought it from him. If Mary decides to disaffirm the contract, will Mark’s father have to return the briefcase to her? a. Yes, the briefcase is not a necessary. b. Yes, if Mark’s father still has it. c. No, her contract was with Mark and he cannot return goods he does not have. d. No, if Mark’s father bought it without knowing from whom his purchased it. 322. Mary agrees to sew Georgia’s prom dress for $50 plus costs. Georgia decides that she wants ruffles around the neck and calls Mary who says it will now cost $60. When Mary finishes the dress (with ruffles), Georgia must pay: a. $50, since that is the original agreement. b. $50, since a modification must be in writing. c. $60, since the modified agreement is supported by additional consideration. d. $60, since any subsequent agreement is enforceable. 323. May 1, A hands a written offer to B for the sale of A’s car. On May 2, A mails B a letter revoking the offer. On May 3, A calls and tells B that he is revoking. On May 4, B learns that A has sold the car to C. On May 5,...
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