Contract Questions

Marys acceptance was not an acceptance but a counter

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Unformatted text preview: er. contract formed for Model ABC computer. Mary’s acceptance was not an acceptance, but a counter-offer. offer has been revoked. 165. Bill Businessman agrees to sell two different goods to his friend, Ron Retailer. One item is legal, and one item is illegal. The contract price is $2,000. a. Bill may not recover payment for either of the goods if delivered. b. Bill may recover for the legal item, but he may not recover for the illegal item. c. This is an unconscionable contract under the UCC. d. If neither party is aware of the illegality, the contract is nevertheless enforceable. 166. a. b. c. d. Bill Businessman bets his friend Al Attorney $100 that the Jaguars will win the next Super Bowl. This is an unconscionable contract and therefore illegal. This is an illegal wagering agreement. This is an agreement to obstruct justice and therefore illegal. This is an illegal restraint of trade. 167. Bill Businessman obtains an exclusive franchise to sell widgets for the Acme Widget Company. The exclusive franchise covers the entire Stat...
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