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Nora will lose because despite his promise nick could

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Unformatted text preview: d promises not to revoke or to sell to anyone else during that period. The next morning when Nick sees Nora coming up his front walk, he quickly opens a window and shouts to Nora that he is revoking the offer. 333. a. b. c. d. Nora then tenders $100 and demands the bracelet. When Nick refuses, Nora brings suit: Nora will win because Nick promised not to revoke his offer for a week. Nora will win because of the firm offer doctrine. Nora will lose because, despite his promise, Nick could revoke his offer. Nora will lose because Nick’s offer was not in writing. 334. If, in the example above, Nick had decided to revoke his offer but was unable to communicate with Nora because her phone was out of order, and she accepted before he could tell her that he was revoking his offer: a. there would be a valid contract. b. these would be a valid contract, but only if Nora’s acceptance was written. c. there would not be a contract because Nick had decided to revoke before Nora accepted and Nora assumed...
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