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On august 2 mark wrote a letter to sarah that stated

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Unformatted text preview: ed information and the suspect is then arrested and convicted. a. Sarah cannot collect the money unless the offer was specifically made to her by the station. b. c. d. The offer by the television station was an offer made to the general public to enter into a unilateral contract, which offer Sarah has accepted. Because Sarah failed to notify the station of her intention to supply the information before actually doing so, she has not accepted their offer. Sarah was just doing her duty as a citizen and has no right to the payment of any money. 388. Sarah offered to buy a sofa from Mark for $400 and stated, “This offer must be accepted in writing by August 5.” On August 2, Mark wrote a letter to Sarah that stated that Mark accepted the offer. Mark signed the letter, but then changed his mind and tore up the letter. The court will find that: a. there was a valid bilateral contract between Sarah and Mark. b. there was a valid unilateral contract between Sarah and Mark. c. there was no valid contract between Sarah and Mark, because Mark never communicated acceptanc...
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