Contract Questions

On may 5 wendy wrote in red ink across the sign

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Unformatted text preview: delays in the postal service, the letter was not received by Melforth until May 22. Melforth wishes to sell Greenacre to another buyer who is offering $1,200,000 for the tract of land. Has a contract resulted between Melforth and Dallas? a. Yes b. No 352. On May 1, Wendy posted the following notice on a campus bulletin board: NEEDED: Tutor for Business Law I. I don’t know a tort from a torte. $10.00 an hour. Call Wendy, 555-3335, evenings. On May 4, Sarah saw the sign and left a message with Wendy’s roommate that Sarah accepted Wendy’s offer. On may 5, Wendy wrote in red ink across the sign, “Forget it! Dropped the class.” Later that evening Wendy received Sarah’s message. a. A contract was formed because Sarah accepted the offer before it was revoked. b. c. d. A contract was formed because Wendy’s offer was not properly revoked. No contract was formed because Sarah did not give her acceptance directly to Wendy. No contract was formed because no offer was made by Wendy. 353. On May 1, X writes Y a le...
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