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On one particular delivery day veronica notices

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Unformatted text preview: ronica’s Vegetable Market whereby several times a month Frances would drop off a load of produce at the market and return a few days later to pick up her agreed upon percent of the selling price. On one particular delivery day, Veronica notices Frances dropping off her customary load of produce, but no words are exchanged. When Frances returns a week later to pick up her money, the produce is sitting exactly where she had left it, too spoiled to now be sold. When Frances sues Veronica: a. the court would find that no contract existed since Veronica’s silence may not be construed as acceptance of Frances’ offer. b. the court would find that no contract existed because of the destruction of the subject matter. c. the court would find that a contract existed because, under the circumstances, if Veronica did not want the produce she had an obligation to tell Frances. d. the court would find a quasi-contract existed between Frances and Veronica. 215. Fay, age 17, ordered a pair of skis on the installment plan. She paid $20 every mo...
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