Contract Questions

Please refer to original preceding facts for each of

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Unformatted text preview: abilities, but not exactly the same. Please refer to original preceding facts for each of the following four questions. 161. a. b. c. d. Bill objects within a reasonable period of time to the substitution as a material change. The contract is cancelled. Bill’s original order must be filled. Mary may terminate the offer. Bill must accept the Model XYZ. 162. a. b. c. d. If Bill had stated in the original offer “no substitutions will be accepted” Mary’s acceptance would be considered a rejection. Mary’s acceptance would be treated as a counter-offer. Mary is bound to the contract and must provide Bill with Model ABC computers. Mary may fulfill her obligation by supplying Model XYZ computers. 163. a. b. c. d. If Bill did not limit acceptance to the original offer, and did not object to the substitution, contract formed for Model XYZ. contract formed for Model ABC. no contract formed. Mary made a counter-offer. 164. a. b. c. d. If Bill and Mary were NOT merchants, contract formed for Model XYZ comput...
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