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Smith then pays jones a 500 retainer later after

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Unformatted text preview: t is formed on day 4. d. Contract is formed on day 1. 283. In violation of a state licensing statute, Jones purports to be an attorney. After making that allegation, he contracts to perform legal service for Smith. Smith then pays Jones a $500 retainer. Later, after discovering that Jones is not licensed and therefore cannot get the job done, Smith sues Jones for the $500. What is the most likely result, and why? a. Smith definitely wins, because here we have a revenue-raising statute. b. Smith probably wins, because parties for whose protection a regulatory statute has been enacted often can recover amounts paid under a contract declared illegal by the statute. c. Smith definitely loses, because here we have a regulatory statute. d. Smith probably loses, because the law obligates one to check the licensure of a professional with whom one deals. 284. a. b. c. d. In which of the following circumstances is a debt settlement not a binding contract? Where the amount of the debt is uncertain or subject to dispute Where the amount of th...
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