Contract Questions

Contract Questions

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Unformatted text preview: Mrs. Rogers still wants the house. a. She may not accept since the offer is terminated. b. She may not accept because she does not have the capacity. c. She may accept since the contract offer is assignable. d. She may accept since the offer cannot be revoked without notice. 430. The Save the Earth Society mailed unsolicited a calendar to all graduates of U.S. West University, including Sidney, with a statement that, if the recipient did not return the calendar within 10 days, he or she would be billed $15. Sidney will be liable for the $15 if he: a. hangs the calendar on his wall. b. throws the calendar in the trash. c. either of the above. d. none of the above. 431. The State of Indiana agrees with the Ace Construction Company that Ace will do some repair work on a bridge. The agreement, however, does not specify the exact work to be done, the quality standards Ace must meet, and the time the job must be completed. Also, the agreement states an ambiguous formula for determining Ace’s comp...
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