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The cattle are of a variety of breeds chuck certainly

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Unformatted text preview: e offering to sell “one of my best breeding cows for $4,000.” The cattle are of a variety of breeds. Chuck certainly did not intend to include his number one breeder, El Champeen, worth around $60,000. Pete writes back stating, “accept your offer and will be over this Saturday to pick up my choice, El Champeen.” a. There is no contract because there is no mutual assent. b. There was an offer since there was sufficient definiteness. c. There is neither a bilateral or unilateral, executed or executory contract, but there is a contract implied in fact. d. There is a valid contract, and Chuck must deliver El Champeen to Pete if Pete honestly and in good faith thought he had the right to purchase it. 181. Cindy Smith, age 16, buys a Chevy Camaro from Mike Mason, age 23, for $4,000. Cindy’s parents, who give her everything she wants, loaned her the money for the car. The reason for Cindy’s purchase is that all her friends have cars and she feels left out without one. One week after buying the car, however, C...
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