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The contracts of a person are void if she is a a

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Unformatted text preview: ion of a binding agreement, but the consequences of different forms of incapacity vary. The contracts of a person are void if (s)he is a. a minor. b. under guardianship of a court. c. lacks the capacity to understand but has not been declared incompetent by a court. d. intoxicated. 189. Courts treat contracts of incompetents and intoxicated persons essentially the same, except they are stricter with intoxicated persons because of its voluntary nature. a. True b. False 190. D owes C an undisputed debt of $1,000. D writes a check to C for $700, and writes, “paid in full” on the check. C cashes the check. a. The entire obligation is paid because this was an accord and satisfaction. b. c. d. The creditor can still collect the $300 because there was no consideration given by the debtor for C’s promise to accept the amount as paid in full. The remaining $300 is still due because paying a smaller sum than the amount claimed can never discharge a larger amount, even if there is a dispute. None of these answers is correct. 191. Dad promises to pay Junior $100...
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