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The five year provision is likely to be held invalid

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Unformatted text preview: likely to be held invalid, because it is too long a period of time. a. b. c. d. Albert read ElectroCorp’s ad in the local newspaper advertising a 4-head VCR for $89. Albert rushed to the store to buy the VCR only to be told by the salesperson that the ad was a misprint and the price should have been $289. Albert gave the salesperson $89 plus sales tax and demanded the VCR. The ad is a firm offer by the merchant and the VCR must be sold for $89. The ad is a contract and the store must abide by terms stated in the contract. The store must accept the price stated in the ad, but only if Albert has a copy of the ad with him. Albert is merely making an offer to ElectroCorp to buy the VCR for $89 plus sales tax. 97. a. b. c. d. Alice attends an auction during which she makes a bid on a painting. Alice’s bid is a(n): invitation to negotiate. offer. an acceptance. a contract. 98. a. b. c. d. 99. a. b. c. d. Alice hands Henry a written offer to buy Henry’s camera for $400. In which of the followin...
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