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The resolution was telecast by the citys sole

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Unformatted text preview: the purchase because Mint, a merchant, is subject to the UCC. 309. Last year, a series of arsons occurred in the City of Swelter. Early this year, Swelter’s City Council adopted this resolution: The City will pay $10,000 for the arrest and conviction of anyone guilty of any of the arsons committed here last year. The resolution was telecast by the city’s sole television station once daily for 1 week. Immediately thereafter the local television station ceased operations. The city’s offer will terminate a. b. c. d. if the City Council by resolution repeals its reward offer. if the City Council by resolution repeals its reward offer and causes this resolution to be broadcast once daily for a week over two local radio stations. only after the lapse of a reasonable time. only after the statute of limitations has run. 310. Lee has been declared incompetent by the court and is under the care of his sister. Unknown to his sister, Lee rents the 30,000-seat civic center for his birthday party. Lee’s contract to ren...
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