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This agreement is a not binding because junior has

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Unformatted text preview: ,000, in exchange for Junior’s promise to refrain from smoking until he reaches the age of 21. This agreement is: a. not binding, because Junior has not conveyed any legal value to Dad. b. not binding, because refraining from smoking is inadequate legal value for $100,000. c. not binding, because there is no genuine bargained-for exchange here. d. binding, if all the other elements of a contract are present, because there is consideration here. 192. Dad wants to give his daughter, Priscilla, a new BMW 540i (worth perhaps $50,000) upon her graduation from high school. Priscilla says: “Let’s make it a contract, Dad.” So Dad promises to give Priscilla 540i when she graduates, in exchange for Priscilla’s promise to pay Dad $1. There is no contract here. Why? a. Because $1 is inadequate consideration for a $50,000 automobile b. Because Priscilla’s promise is illusory c. Because a genuine bargained-for exchange is not present here d. Because Dad is making a promise to perform a pre-existing legal obligation. 193. Dan D...
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