Contract Questions

This is an example of a an illusory promise b past

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Unformatted text preview: .” This is an example of: a. an illusory promise. b. past consideration. c. the pre-existing duty rule. d. good consideration. 101. a. b. c. d. All of the following are essentials of an offer to contract except the offer must be communicated to the offeree. the offer must be sufficiently definite and certain. the offer must manifest an intent to enter into a contract (using the objective test). all terms of the contract must be included in the offer. 102. a. b. c. d. All of the following EXCEPT which one will terminate a contract offer? the death of the offeror communication of offeror’s revocation to offeree an inquiry by the offeree as to size an acceptance by the offeree adding a term 103. A(n) ___________ contract is one in which the terms have been definitely and specifically stated and agreed upon. a. express b. implied c. written d. formal 104. a. b. c. d. An acceptance is generally effective at what point? When received by the offeree When received by the offeror When picked up by the agent of the offeror When dispatched 105....
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