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Violet does so but timothy loses the election and

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Unformatted text preview: under the terms of which Smith is to pay Tate $7,000 and Tate is to build a garage, repair a boat, and build a doghouse. If the doghouse has not yet been built, which term describes the type of contract in existence? a. Quasi contract b. Executed contract c. Illusory contract d. Executory contract 383. Sandy fraudulently induced Fred to enter a contract with her. A court would treat the contract as: a. enforceable. b. unenforceable. c. voidable. d. void. 384. Sarah Citizen is working hard on the mayoral campaign of Timothy Talker. She thinks that just a few more votes could win the election, so she promises to pay her friend Violet $50 to register and vote. Violet does so, but Timothy loses the election, and Sarah now refuses to pay. a. This agreement is enforceable. b. This agreement is unenforceable and opposed to public policy. c. This is an agreement to obstruct the administration of justice. d. This is an unconscionable contract covered by the UCC. 385. Sarah Citizen is working hard on the mayoral campaign...
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