Contract Questions

What law applies to this fact situation a the

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Unformatted text preview: to this fact situation? a. The acceptance of additional money to settle a disputed claim is supported by consideration. b. A past obligation is sufficient consideration for a new promise. c. Andrew was already obligated to paint the house. He gives no additional consideration in return for Betty’s promise to pay more money. d. Betty has made a promise in exchange for a forbearance. 136. Andrew owns a store in Duval County. His trade extends throughout Jacksonville, but not beyond the county limits. He sells his store to Betty and as part of the transaction agrees not engage in the same business anywhere in Jacksonville for a period of five years. a. The geographic restraint is reasonable. b. This geographic restraint is unreasonable. c. The agreement unduly interferes with the interest of the public. d. Two of the above, b and c. 137. Anita saw an ad for Marlin’s Department Store in which the store advertised word processors for $5. When she went to the store to buy one, the salesclerk told her that the ad was a misprint and should have indicated the price to be $500. a. Marlin...
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