Contract Questions

When mike comes to pick up the car and give cindy her

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Unformatted text preview: indy changes her mind and told Mike that she wants to disaffirm the contract. When Mike comes to pick up the car and give Cindy her money, though, Cindy changes her mind again, telling Mike that “I’ll stick by the deal.” But when Cindy’s parents gave her a new car for her seventeenth birthday, she finally decides to disaffirm once again. Which of the following is true? a. Cindy cannot disaffirm because the car is a necessary. b. Cindy cannot disaffirm because she ratified the contract by saying, “I’ll stick by the deal.” c. Cindy cannot disaffirm because we have a sale of goods and Article 2 of the UCC says that 16 is the age of contractual capacity. d. Cindy can still disaffirm. 182. Claudia sells her highly successful hair salon to Carl. In the sales contract, Claudia agrees never to open a hair salon in the state. Which of the following best describes this contract clause? a. Void as illegal primary restraint b. Valid as a reasonable restraint on trade c. Unenforceable d. Bind...
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