Contract Questions

While sarah is out of town allison paints the

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Unformatted text preview: of Timothy Talker. She thinks that just a few more votes could win the election, so she promises to pay her friend Violet $50 to register and vote for Timothy Talker. Violet does so, but Timothy loses the election, and Sarah now refuses to pay. a. This agreement is enforceable. b. This agreement is unenforceable and opposed to public policy. c. This is an agreement to obstruct the administration of justice. d. This is an unconscionable contract covered by the UCC. 386. Sarah offers to pay Allison $150 if Allison will paint her apartment while she is out of town on vacation for two weeks. Allison makes no promise but tells Sarah that she will think about it. While Sarah is out of town, Allison paints the apartment. This is best described as: a. a unilateral contract. b. a quasi contract. c. an implied in fact contract. d. a bilateral contract. 387. Sarah Citizen hears about a reward being offered by the local television station for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a local rapist. She supplies the request...
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