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A april 2 b april 3 c april 4 d april 5 342 on april 1

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Unformatted text preview: c. is unenforceable. d. is adhesive. e. is void. 340. a. b. c. d. Offers cannot be made without the intent to make an offer by the offeror. use objective standard for intent. use subjective standard for intent. are effective upon dispatch. 341. On April 1, A makes a valid offer to B. A mails B a revocation on April 2, which B receives on April 4. In the meantime, B mails A a rejection on April 3, which reaches A on April 5. When did this offer terminate? a. April 2 b. April 3 c. April 4 d. April 5 342. On April 1, Fine Corp. faxed Moss an offer to purchase Moss’ warehouse for $500,000. The offer stated that it would remain open only until April 4 and that acceptance must be received to a. b. c. d. be effective. Moss sent an acceptance on April 4 by overnight mail and Fine received it on April 5. Which of the following statements is correct? No contract was formed because Moss sent the acceptance by an unauthorized method. No contract was formed because Fine received Moss’ acceptance after April 4. A contract was form...
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