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A if paul later learns the injuries are much much

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Unformatted text preview: oan negligently injured Paul. Paul told Doan that he would agree not to sue Doan if Doan promised to pay $1000. a. If Paul later learns the injuries are much, much greater than he had thought, he can sue Doan for his injuries successfully. b. Doan’s consideration to Paul was inadequate; therefore, Paul can avoid his promise. c. Paul is bound by his promise since he received consideration for his promise not to sue. d. None of these answers is correct. 194. Darla offers to pay Edward $6,000 for Edward’s car, provided that Darla receives that much from her uncle’s estate, which is currently being probated. She expects to know for sure how much she will receive within a week or so. a. This is an illusory contract, because Darla doesn’t know whether she will receive the money for sure. b. The consideration moving from Edward to Darla is the transfer of title to the car. c. The consideration moving from Darla to Edward is the promise of $6,000 subject to a condition. d. Two of the above, b and c. 195. Denise Smo...
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