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A jane has accepted an offer for a unilateral

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Unformatted text preview: acts of adhesion”: may be unconscionable. are absolutely binding. are always unenforceable. are voidable at the option of the weaker party. 396. Sometimes adults who can’t sue a minor on the contract will sue in a tort. In order to be successful a. b. c. d. the tort must be clearly separate from and independent of the contract. the tort must be based on a specific statute. the tort must be one that involves an evil intent. none is correct. 397. Sparky, Nancy’s pet dog was lost. Nancy ran an ad in a local paper offering $50 for Sparky’s return. Jane did not know of the advertisement but found Sparky, and because Nancy’s address was on Sparky’s collar returned the dog to Nancy. a. Jane has accepted an offer for a unilateral contract. b. Nancy did not have contractual intent because her offer was in a newspaper. c. Jane could not accept Nancy’s offer because she did not know of it. d. Both b and c. 398. Stable Corp. offered in a signed writing to sell Mix an office building for $350,000....
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