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A marianne has made an illusory promise b marianne

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Unformatted text preview: hin a reasonable time. b. The contract is automatically disaffirmed because of a failure to ratify. c. The contract was void and is still void. d. None is correct. 315. Marianne promises to pay Nils $2,500 for one of his original sculptures, if she receives the $3,000 she anticipates receiving from her mother for her birthday. a. Marianne has made an illusory promise. b. Marianne has made a conditional promise. c. Marianne has made a gratuitous promise. d. Marianne’s promise is legally insufficient. 316. Marilyn contracted with Bravo Builders to build an addition to her house for $15,000. After digging the foundation, Bravo decides that it will take more work and more concrete than it had originally thought and that it will need to charge an additional $5,000 for the job. Assuming Marilyn agrees, which of the following is correct? a. Marilyn will have to pay $20,000. b. This is a contract under seal which is enforceable. c. This is a modification of a pre-existing contract, which under common law must be supported b...
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