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A marlins has made a firm offer and must sell the

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Unformatted text preview: s has made a firm offer and must sell the word processor for $5. b. Anita is making an offer to buy the word processor. c. A contract exists under which Marlin’s has agreed to sell the word processor for $5. d. Two of the above – a and c, are correct. 138. Ann, a minor, disaffirmed her agreement to buy $127 worth of cosmetics from Mary Kay Company. She had used up all the eye shadows, lipsticks and powders. The general rule is that: a. she may disaffirm, but she must pay the asking price of the cosmetics used. b. she may disaffirm but she has to return the makeup that is not used up. c. she may not disaffirm without paying the value of used makeup. d. she may not disaffirm because she has used the property. 139. Ann Mayer wrote Tom Jackson and offered to sell Jackson a building for $200,000. The offer stated it w ould expire 30 days from July 1. Mayer changed her mind and does not wish to be bound by the offer. If a legal dispute arises between the parties regarding whether there has been a valid acceptance of the offer, which of the following is correct? a. The...
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