Contract Questions

A the manufacturer is obligated to use his best

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Unformatted text preview: e of Wisconsin for a period of three years. a. The manufacturer is obligated to use his best efforts to supply the goods even if no such clause appears in the written franchise agreement. b. c. d. The manufacturer has no obligation to Bill Businessman. Under the UCC, such an agreement lacks consideration. Two of the above, b and c. 168. Bill Cratchett leased an apartment from Grendel. Cratchett was a person of limited means in a locality where low-income housing was scarce. Shortly after signing the agreement, he fell in an unlit stairwell when a step unexpectedly gave way. In a suit for damages, Grendel relied on a clause in the lease stating, “Tenant agrees to hold Owner harmless from any claims for damages no matter how caused.” Cratchett should a. win because the exculpatory clause was unenforceable as a violation of public policy. b. win because the lease was a contract of adhesion. c. lose because nothing indicates that the lease was unconscionable as a whole. d. lose because exculpatory clauses are usually...
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