Contract Questions

Contract Questions

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Unformatted text preview: offer cannot be legally withdrawn for the stated period of time. b. The offer will not expire prior to the 30 days even if Mayer sells the property to a third person and notifies Jackson. c. If Jackson phoned Mayer on August 1 and unequivocally accepted the offer, a contract would be formed, provided Jackson had no notice of withdrawal of the offer. d. If Jackson categorically rejects the offer on July 10th, Jackson cannot validly accept within the remaining stated period of time. 140. Anna is 88 years old and under the legal guardianship of her daughter. One day Anna receives a telephone call from a health insurance salesman and purchases a $400 a month Medicare-gap insurance policy. a. This contract is valid. b. This contract is voidable. c. This contract is void. d. This contract is unenforceable. 141. Arthur contracts to build a garage for Bob for a price of $6,000. Because of an increase in the cost of labor and materials, Arthur refuses to perform. Bob wants the garage, so he agrees to pay an additional $500. a. Bob...
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