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A tim is entitled to the maverick and can sue the

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Unformatted text preview: e to Sarah. d. the required act of acceptance would be the actual delivery of the sofa to Sarah by August 5. 389. Seventeen-year-old Tim Teenager decides he would like a new car, so he brings his 1972 Ford Maverick to the local Ford dealer as a trade-in on a new Thunderbird. He turns over his Maverick to the dealer and drives away with a new Thunderbird. Two days later, Tim decides he cannot afford the payments for the new car on his salary as a burgermaker, so he returns the car and asks for his Maverick back. The dealer says he will take the Thunderbird and rescind the contract, but that he is unable to return the Maverick because he sold it to another buyer. a. Tim is entitled to the Maverick and can sue the dealer to get it back. b. If the dealer sold the car to a good faith purchaser, then Tim has no right to get his Maverick back. c. Tim cannot avoid the contract until he is eighteen. d. Under the UCC and the majority rule, Tim must make restitution for the difference between the depreciat...
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