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A b c d an acceptance that materially deviates from

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Unformatted text preview: a. b. c. d. An acceptance that materially deviates from the terms of the offer: is an acceptance if it reaches the offeror within a reasonable time. is an acceptance if it is a definite and seasonable expression of acceptance. is not an acceptance but a rejection. cannot be accepted by the offeror. 106. An ad in a newspaper or a circular describing goods and stating prices would generally be considered a(n): a. firm offer if made by a merchant. b. offer if made by a merchant, but not a firm offer. c. offer irrespective of who made the offer. d. invitation to buyers to make an offer to buy goods. 107. An agreement is an essential element of a contract. Ordinarily, the required mutual assent is achieved by means of an offer and an acceptance. Acceptance a. requires a subjective intent to accept. b. is never accomplished by silence. c. requires manifestation of an intent to accept. d. may ordinarily be made by anyone with knowledge of the offer. 108. An agreement of a seller to supply a buyer with all of the buyer’s requirements for certain goods is known as: a...
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