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A b c d instead of refusing to enforce an unreasonable

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Unformatted text preview: real property is involved, upon reaching the age of majority c. During the time of his minority or for a reasonable time thereafter d. Where the minor wishes to perform part of a contract and disaffirm another part of the same contract 289. a. b. c. d. Instead of refusing to enforce an unreasonable covenant, some courts will: reform the agreement. uphold reasonable restrictions. delete unreasonable restrictions. A court can do all of the above. 290. Jack has been in the business of selling carpeting for 20 years. He calls Bob, who is opening another branch of his furniture stores, and offers to sell him 100 yards of carpet at $20 per yard. Bob agrees and sends back the following letter confirming the deal: Dear Jack: As we discussed on the phone January 3, we accept your offer of 100 yards of carpeting at the rate of $20 per yard. We also reserve the right to purchase any additional yardage we need to carpet our other showroom facilities at the same rate for one year from that date. Very truly yours, Bob a. b. c. d. Which of the following is true? There is a contract for...
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