Contract Questions

A exculpatory b unconscionable c necessary d usurious

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Unformatted text preview: the employer’s legitimate interest. a. exculpatory b. unconscionable c. necessary d. usurious 160. Big Bucks, Inc. entered into a contract with Albert Agent under the terms of which Albert would receive $20,000 if he stole trade secrets from the leading competitor of Big Bucks. Albert performed his end of the agreement by delivering the trade secrets. Big Bucks now refuses to pay Albert for his services. a. Albert may recover based upon the express contract of the parties. b. Albert may recover based upon a quasi contractual theory in order to prevent the unjust enrichment of Big Bucks. c. Albert will be unable to recover, because this is an illegal contract. d. Albert will be able to recover based upon promissory estoppels, because he has detrimentally relied upon the promises made by Big Bucks. Bill and Mary are merchants. Bill orders 100 computers from Mary which she accepts. In the order he specifies that he wants model ABC. Mary, a long-time friend to Bill, knows what the computers will be used for and substitutes Model XYZ, computer with similar cap...
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