Contract Questions

A manifestation of mutual assent genuineness of

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Unformatted text preview: nifest an intent to enter into a contract. 218. a. b. c. d. For there to be consideration for a contract, there must be a bargained-for detriment to the promisor(ee) or a benefit to the promisee(or). a manifestation of mutual assent. genuineness of assent. substantially equal economic benefits to both parties. 219. a. b. c. d. e. Gail sent a letter of acceptance to an offer that has expired. Gail has made: a contract. a counteroffer. a rejection. a revocation. an offer. 220. a. b. c. d. Gambling is made up of capacity, agreement, reward. consideration, illegality, capacity. risk, reward, consideration. capacity, consideration, risk. 221. a. b. c. d. Generally, a promise to make a gift: is enforceable. is enforceable, but only if it is in writing. is not enforceable. is not enforceable unless real property is involved 222. a. b. c. d. Generally, minors are liable for libel. negligence. fraud. all of the above. 223. Generally speaking, three of the following four kinds of statements are tr...
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