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Acceptance invitation to negotiate contract 255 if

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Unformatted text preview: er, the offer will remain open: for one year. for six months. for a reasonable time. until someone accepts the offer. 254. a. b. c. d. If not an offer, the first statement made by one of two persons is most properly termed a(n): option. acceptance. invitation to negotiate. contract. 255. If restriction in an employment contract is found to be too harsh, a court may do any of the following EXCEPT which? a. Change the terms of the contract b. Refuse to enforce the whole contract c. Refuse to enforce that part of the contract d. Refuse to void the restriction e. Two of the above 256. If the obligor desires to be discharged from his duty, he will have to seek which of the following from the obligee? a. payment b. a novation c. another obligee d. none of the above 257. a. b. c. d. If the offeree dies before the offer has been accepted, the offer: may be rejected by the surviving spouse of the offeree. may be accepted by the surviving spouse of the offeree. is automatically revoked by the deat...
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