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All of the above 436 the ucc provides that a merchant

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Unformatted text preview: mance of personal services. the construction of a house. the transfer of ownership of property. all of the above. 434. a. b. c. d. The time-price differential is the difference between the: rate of interest actually charged and the maximum contract rate of interest. rates of interest charge on similar five-year, ten-year, and fifteen-year installment contracts. price charged for cash sales and the price charged for credit or installment sales. amount of actual interest on a loan and the total amount of all interest and fees charged by the lender. 435. a. b. c. d. The UCC Battle of the Forms rule: changes the mirror image rule. may yield different results depending on whether the parties are merchants. may result in formation of a contract quite different from the terms of the offer. all of the above. 436. The UCC provides that a merchant is bound to keep a written offer open for a stated period but no longer than: a. ten days. b. two months. c. 90 days. d. a reasonable time. 437. a. b. c. d. e. The Uniform Commercial Code does not apply to: employment contracts....
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