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An output contract b a requirements contract c a firm

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Unformatted text preview: . an output contract. b. a requirements contract. c. a firm offer. d. promissory estoppel. 109. a. b. c. d. An agreement to refrain from a particular trade or business is enforceable, if the purpose is to serve a legitimate business purpose. unenforceable, to protect a property interest. unenforceable, as a restraint of trade. voidable, by the individual subject to it. 110. a. b. c. An agreement to refrain from a particular trade or business is enforceable if: the purpose of the restraint is to protect a property interest of the promisee. an agreement induced by criminal conduct will be enforced. the restraint is no more extensive than is reasonably necessary to protect that interest. d. a and c are correct. 111. a. b. c. d. An announcement that an auction sale is to be conducted “without reserve,” means that the: persons attending the auction are not required to register in advance of the auction. auctioneer can withdraw any article if not satisfied with the amounts of the bids. seller cannot withdraw the goods if the bids are too low....
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