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B mildred will win because the vase was a unique

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Unformatted text preview: eady ratified the contract. 328. Mildred saw a vase in an antique shop. A tag on the vase said “Genuine Chinese Vase, $125.” Mildred said to the owner of the shop, “I’ll buy this vase for $125.” Milford, the owner of the shop, refused to sell the vase. In a lawsuit brought by Mildred against Milford, a. Mildred will win because a contract was formed when Mildred said she would buy the vase. b. Mildred will win because the vase was a unique chattel. c. Milford will win because he rejected Mildred’s offer. d. Milford will win because the contract was not written. 329. Mix entered into a contract with Small that provided for Small to receive $10,000 if he stole trade secrets from Mix’s competition. Small performed his part of the contract by delivering the trade secrets to Mix. Mix refuses to pay Small for his services. Under what theory may Small recover? a. Quasi-contract, in order to prevent the unjust enrichment of mix. b. Promissory estoppel, because Small has changed his position to his de...
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