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B no because the rejection was effective upon

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Unformatted text preview: or $1,400,” and mailed the letter to Watts. A few hours later, Stills reconsidered and telegraphed, “I accept your deal, regards, Stills.” a. There was a rejection when the first letter was sent by Stills; thus, no contract. b. There is a contract if the acceptance gets to Watts first. c. There is no contract here unless the offeree was ignorant of contract law; then he can prevail through the doctrine of “ignorantis, excusatis toutas.” d. None is correct. 467. Wes, who is an art collector, offered to buy a Miro original from Le Monde Gallery. Le Monde balked at the price, sending Wes a letter of rejection. The same day it was discovered that the print was not as highly valued as originally thought. Le Monde immediately telephoned Wes to accept his offer. Is there a contract? a. Yes, since the acceptance was received before the rejection. b. No, because the rejection was effective upon dispatch. c. No, because the rejection terminated the offer. d. Yes, because the acceptance i...
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