Contract Questions

B s isnt bound because the consideration he is giving

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Unformatted text preview: 8 in order to induce them to sell him a new pickup. Belk falls for this lie and sells him the pickup. Which of the following is correct? a. Robert may disaffirm and get his money back. b. Robert may not disaffirm since he lied. c. Robert may only receive a portion of his money. d. Robert will receive his money less depreciation. 377. S agrees to sell a used typewriter to B for $1. The market value is $250.00. B accepts. Both the offer and acceptance are in writing. a. S isn’t bound since B’s return promise can’t be consideration because it would be unfair to ever make a person keep a promise when all he received in return was $1. b. S isn’t bound because the consideration he is giving is inadequate; $1 is always inadequate. c. S is bound because the law doesn’t inquire into the fairness or adequacy of consideration. d. S is bound because all written promises are binding. 378. Sally Smith loses her pet Persian cat. She posts a $100 reward offer. This offer is made to the public generally. Bill Jones finds the cat. Which o...
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