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B the dentist can recover under and implied contract

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Unformatted text preview: ever signs a written contract for this service, and he and the dentist never made an oral agreement either. Later the dentist bills Joe, and Joe refuses to pay. After that, the dentist sues Joe. Which of the following is true? a. The dentist can recover under quasi-contract. b. The dentist can recover under and implied contract theory. c. a and b are true. d. The dentist cannot recover because there was no express contract here. 299. Joe says to Sue: “I promise to pay you $1500 if you’ll paint my house.” Sue begins to paint Joe’s house. Right now, she is half-finished. At this point in time, the contract between Joe and Sue is: a. bilateral and executed. b. bilateral and executory. c. unilateral and executed. d. unilateral and executory. 300. Joe Lowe is a realtor in Mississippi. He is duly licensed in that state. He contracts to sell and does successfully sell 1000 acres of land belonging to Greer. This land is located in both Mississippi and Tennessee. The land constitutes one tract; 800 ac...
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