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B c d what standard is used when determining the

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Unformatted text preview: s always effective upon dispatch. 468. West, an Indiana real estate broker, misrepresented to Zimmer that West was licensed in Kansas under the Kansas statute that regulates real estate brokers and requires all brokers to be licensed. Zimmer and West mutually agreed that Zimmer would pay a 5% commission for selling Zimmer’s home in Kansas. Zimmer signed a written document reflecting such agreement but West did not sign the document. West sold Zimmer’s home. If West sued Zimmer for nonpayment of commission, Zimmer would be a. liable to West only for the value of services rendered based on quasi-contract. b. liable to West for the full commission based on the law of contracts. c. not liable to West for any amount because West did not sign the contract. d. not liable to West for any amount because West violated the Kansas licensing requirements. 469. a. b. c. d. What standard is used when determining the intent of an offer? Objective Deductive Subordinate Subjective 470. When a client accepts the services of an accountant without an agreement concerning payment, the result is a. an implied-in-...
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