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B since the promise was not in writing jane does not

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Unformatted text preview: cy. 559. While Jane is swimming she cuts her foot on some coral and is quickly surrounded by several sharks. Within earshot of several startled sunbathers, Jane screams that she will pay one million dollars to anyone who saves her. Gertrude, the lifeguard on duty, throws Jane a line and pulls her in. When Jane refuses to pay, Gertrude sues. The court would find for: a. Jane, since past consideration is not legally sufficient. b. Jane, since Gertrude was under a pre-existing duty to do as she did. c. Gertrude, since her act was in response to Jane’s promise. d. Gertrude, since she justifiably relied on Jane’s promise. 560. (Refers to question above.) If, instead of making her offer while dodging sharks, Jane said nothing until after she was rescued by a jogger, and only then promised to pay the million dollars, the court would rule that: a. past consideration is not legally sufficient to support a contract. b. since the promise was not in writing, Jane does not have to pay. c. the jogger is entitled to the money since...
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