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B the offer proposes a sale of real estate c the

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Unformatted text preview: atically terminate despite Larkin’s prior acceptance. automatically terminate prior to Larkin’s acceptance. 362. a. b. c. d. Ordinarily, a promise to perform an existing legal obligation is: not consideration. binding if the promisor promises to perform with extra care. binding if the promisor promises to perform to suit the personal satisfaction of the promisee. binding if substantial loss would be caused the promisee by a breach of the promise. 363. Ordinarily acceptance of an offer is effective at the time the acceptance is dispatched. The rule does not apply if a. both the offeror and offeree are merchants. b. the offer proposes a sale of real estate. c. the offer provides that an acceptance shall not be effective until actually received. d. the duration of the offer is not excess of 3 months. 364. Parr is a CPA licensed to practice in State A. Parr entered into a contract with Jet, Inc. to perform an audit in State B for $50,000 (including expenses). After Parr had satisfactorily per...
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