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C 2500 constitutes sufficient consideration d the

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Unformatted text preview: ly want to sell the horse. a. The contract is unenforceable because the consideration is not adequate. b. The courts will review whether the consideration is good consideration in view of the changed circumstances. c. $25.00 constitutes sufficient consideration. d. The sufficiency of the consideration depends on whether Parker was serious. 230. Harold Homeowner offers to sell Bill Buyer his house for $95,000 and agrees to keep the offer open for 10 days. On the third day, the house burns down. a. The destruction of the house brings the offer to an end. b. The offer to sell the house is a firm offer which, under the Code, must be kept open. c. The offer to sell remains open even though most people would not want to buy the burned down house. d. Two of the above, b and c. 231. Harold offers to sell his diamond ring to Emily. Diane overhears the offer and says, “I accept the offer.” a. Diane cannot accept the offer, because it wasn’t made to her. b. This is a valid acceptance. c. The offer has not been communicated to t...
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