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C a contract will be formed between the parties if

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Unformatted text preview: ed when Moss sent the acceptance. A contract was formed when Fine received Moss’ acceptance. 343. On April 2, Bonn & Co., CPAs mailed Marble Corp. a signed proposal to perform certain accounting services for Marble provided Marble accepts the proposal by April 30. Under the circumstances a. if Marble accepts by telephone on April 30, no contract will be formed between the parties. b. Marble must accept the Bonn proposal in writing in order to form a contract. c. A contract will be formed between the parties if Marble mails an acceptance to Bonn on April 29, even if it is not received by Bonn until May 3. d. Bonn may not withdraw its proposal prior to May 1. 344. On April 6, Apple entered into a signed contract with Bean, by which Apple was to sell Bean an antique automobile having a fair market value of $150,000, for $75,000. Apple believed the auto was worth only $75,000. Unknown to either party the auto had been destroyed by fire on April 4. If Bean sues Apple for breach of contract, Apple’s best defense is a. unconscionability. b. risk of loss had...
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