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C he is entitled to the commission based on the land

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Unformatted text preview: res of the tract are located in Mississippi and 200 acres of the tract are located in Tennessee. Upon selling the property, Mr. Lowe was to receive a $14,000 commission. Which of the following is most correct? a. He is entitled to the commission. b. He is not entitled to the commission. c. He is entitled to the commission based on the land sold in Mississippi only. d. Mr. Lowe will probably lose his license. 301. Joe Minorca purchased a motorcycle from Big Rig Company on May 1. Joe’s birthday is June 17, at which time he will have attained his majority. Which of the following actions is least likely to be considered evidence as a ratification of the contract of purchase? a. On June 21, Joe gave the property to his sister. b. On June 20, Joe made an oral promise to honor the contract. c. On June 16, Joe made an installment payment. d. As of November 17, Joe was still using the vehicle. 302. John Fourcade orders a new Lincoln Continental from Belk Ford of Oxford, Mississippi. Belk Ford receive...
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