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C it is unenforceable because it is a unilateral

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Unformatted text preview: at I want to pay for your books.” Jason then sends her a bill for $485. Which of the following is true regarding his mother’s promise? a. It is enforceable, because Jason returned to college. b. It is enforceable, because Jason is giving up the right to do something else. c. It is unenforceable, because it is a unilateral contract. d. It is unenforceable, because Jason has already enrolled in school and there is no consideration. 297. Joanne, a minor, sold her laptop computer to Bruce, an adult. Bruce then sold the laptop to Anna, also an adult, who had no knowledge of the fact that the original owner was a minor. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, Joanne may: a. avoid her contract to Bruce and recover her laptop. b. not avoid her contract to Bruce and may not recover her laptop. c. register with the UCC filing department, the Department of State and require that if Anna sells the laptop she must give Joanne the rights of first refusal. d. none of the above. 298. Joe goes to the dentist to have a tooth extracted. Joe n...
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