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C peters offer had been revoked and masons acceptance

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Unformatted text preview: eters specified that Mason had until June 20 to accept the offer. On June 16, Peters received an offer to purchase the lawn mower for $150 from Bronson, Mason’s neighbor, Peters accepted Bronson’s offer. On June 17, Mason saw Bronson using the lawn mower and was told the mower had been sold to Bronson. Mason immediately wrote to Peters to accept the June 15 offer. Which of the following statements is correct? a. Mason’s acceptance would be effective when received by Peters. b. Mason’s acceptance would be effective when mailed. c. Peters’ offer had been revoked and Mason’s acceptance was ineffective. d. Peters was obligated to keep the June 15 offer open until June 20. 351. On May 1, Melforth Realty Company offered to sell Greenacre to Dallas, Inc. for $1,000,000. The offer was made by telegraph and stated that the offer would expire on May 15. Dallas decided to purchase the property and sent a registered letter to Melforth on May 10 accepting the offer. As a result of unexplained...
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